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CDBG Technical Assistance - Scoring

The Office of Community Development scores applications based on how well they have responded to the following categories:

  1. Impact – This section describes the problem(s) communities wish to address
  2. Development of Strategy – This section asks communities how they propose to resolve the problem earlier described
  3. Citizen Participation – Relating the method of citizen involvement in any project is of high importance
  4. Matching Funds – Every CDBG program requires matching funds from other sources that vary between 10% - 25%, and in some cases higher percentages

In addition to these scoring criteria, the CDBG program factors in a community evaluation factor that is based on a community’s tax burden, affordability, substandard housing, etc. 

If a community has a low community evaluation factor, it will be the goal of the community to obtain as many points as possible under the four criteria listed above.  Although not mentioned in any scoring evaluation process, the readiness of a project also weighs in on whether a community will be funded or not. 


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For information on CDBG at NMDC, contact our Certified CDBG Administrators.

For Community Development Projects to benefit the community, contact Joella Theriault at 207-834-5298 or

For Economic Development Program loans and grants to assist Businesses, contact the
Business Finance Department at 207-498-8736 or
Duane P. Walton dwalton@nmdc.orgrg
Julie Corey
Mary Dahlgren


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