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The Department of Economic and Community Development’s Office of Community Development provides regional organizations with technical assistance to help communities with CDBG application development and grant administration for CDBG programs to benefit the communities of our service area as well as general program assistance.  Loan and grant programs through the communities are handled by the NMDC Business Finance Department and information is available on the CDBG programs that assist with Economic Development can be found in the Business Finance Department section. The workplan for 2008-2009 to fulfill the requirements of the technical assistance contract provides the following tasks.

Task 1 – Program Marketing and Basic CDBG Technical Assistance

  • Publicize, market and provide on-going technical assistance for the 2008/2009 CDBG funded community programs including application review, but not application writing. 
  • Grant writing services will be provided to the communities for community projects based on NMDC’s billable rate schedule.  A community desiring this service should contact NMDC to obtain a cost for the service.
  • Respond to all verbal, written and electronic questions and requests for general information regarding the CDBG program.
  • Meet with all communities known to be interested in submitting an application for a community related CDBG program to review initial application and Project Development Phase requirements, compliance issues necessary for meeting program national objectives, environmental review requirements and timeframes for accessing funding if awarded by the DECD.  If a community desires an additional meeting, an hourly fee of $55 per hour will be assessed to the community. 
  • Review drafts of community applications for general completeness and program compliance.

Task 2 – Training and Informational Meetings

NMDC staff members assigned to this program are trained and certified CDBG administrators and attend the following meetings:

  • Community Development Appreciation Day
  • 2009 CDBG Implementation Workshop
  • One Training session designed by DECD
  • One meeting with the Technical Assistance Program Manager
  • One Regional Application Workshop sponsored by DECD

Task 3 – Special Regional Projects

  • Submit a planning grant application to seek valuable input on the needs of handicapped/disabled individuals
  • Assist communities affected by the May Day Flood of 2008


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For information on CDBG at NMDC, contact our Certified CDBG Administrators.

For Community Development Projects to benefit the community, contact Joella Theriault at 207-834-5298 or

For Economic Development Program loans and grants to assist Businesses, contact the
Business Finance Department at 207-498-8736 or
Duane P. Walton dwalton@nmdc.orgrg
Julie Corey
Mary Dahlgren


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