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2012-2013 Road Salt Cooperative Purchase
Deadline: July 13, 2012

Salt Agreement: PDF & Word

Letter to Municipality: PDFF

Northern Maine Development Commission (NMDC) is organizing its annual purchase of road salt as part of our Cooperative Purchasing Program. Our goal is to save participating municipalities as much money as possible in the winter road maintenance budget.  We continue to use the Maine Department of Transportation's latest specifications for road salt. These specifications include that the vendor ensure low moisture content, anti-caking, and prompt delivery. Bid requests will be sent out to the all known vendors at the beginning of July with a bid opening mid-month.  NMDC’s cooperative purchasing committee awards bids based on the lowest average price per ton delivered with NMDC acting only as an agent to obtain these prices. 

ONLY member communities/counties of NMDC are eligible to participate in this program.  NMDC member communities cannot include tonnage for non-member communities in their estimated tons. 

We have been receiving late submittals from towns in recent years, in several cases after the bid has been awarded.  Bid packets will be submitted to all known vendors on July 16, 2012 and we will not be able to add tonnages after 3:00 PM on that date.  Also, for those submitting this sheet via fax or email, I will confirm within one (1) working day that I have received your form.  If you do not hear from me, please call me at the numbers below.

If your community is interested in participating in the 2012-2013 Road Salt Cooperative Purchase, please return the Salt Agreement form (provided at the link above) by July 13, 2012, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please feel free to contact me at 498-8736, (fax) 493-3108, or email if you have any questions. We also welcome any suggestions on how the cooperative purchasing program could be improved. Thank you.

Program Information

NMDC has been coordinating the Cooperative Purchasing Program since 1995 when our member municipalities were seeking ways of reducing costs on commonly purchased items.  Our goal is to save participating municipalities as much money as possible and the program pools the purchasing power of all of our municipalities.  Throughout the years, NMDC’s programs have saved municipalities many thousands of dollars and have been a positive membership benefit. Participating NMDC non-member municipalities are assessed a twenty (20) percent service charge (based on the amount of product purchased).

We offer the following purchasing opportunities:

  • Winter road salt
  • Snow plow blades
  • Winter sand
  • Road paint
  • Dust suppressants
  • Weight limit signs
  • Computers
  • Culverts and collars
  • Office supplies 

NMDC acts as a facilitator for municipalities only. Staff gathers estimated amounts, delivery dates and locations; conduct the bid; and then provide the lowest price to those towns.  Once a price has been established and municipalities have been mailed a letter, NMDC’s role has been fulfilled.  The responsibility for the contractual arrangement is between the vendor and the municipality.  NMDC has no authority to intervene in contractual arrangements between the municipality and vendor. 

NMDC maintains a Cooperative Purchasing Committee.  The Committee consists of six (6) members from the membership of General Assembly who are appointed annually by the Executive Board.  Two (2) members from each of the Commission Districts will comprise the six (6) Committee members.  The Executive Board may also appoint temporary members to address special financial considerations as may arise. These members will have full voting rights and the motion adding these temporary members shall specify either the names and/or occupation of the proposed members.



For more information email
Jay Kamm or call 498-8736 or toll free in Maine at 1-800-427-8736.


Qualified products listing-MaineDOT

Product vendors- MaineDOT


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