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NMDC's service area encompasses Aroostook, northern Washington, northern Piscataquis and northern Penobscot counties. The waste handling within these areas varies by location, services provided, end disposal etc. A number of the municipalities have joined forces in providing waste services and have created regional Solid Waste Management Associations (SWMAs).

Following is a listing of the SWMAs and their member municipalities. Also included are those towns within NMDC's service area that are currently independent of a SWMA.

Solid Waste Management Associations

  • Aroostook Valley Solid Waste Disposal District: Ashland, Garfield, Masardis, Oxbow

  • NARIF-Northern Aroostook Regional Incineration Facility: Fort Kent, Frenchville, Madawaska, St Agatha

  • NASWA-Northern Aroostook Solid Waste Association: Eagle Lake, New Canada, Wallagrass, Winterville - Click Here to view brochure.

  • Northern Katahdin Valley Waste Disposal District: Amity, Crystal, Dudley, Dyer Brook, Hammond, Hersey, Island Falls, Merrill, Moro Plt., Mt Chase, New Limerick, Patten, Smyrna, Webbertown - Click Here to view brochure.

  • Presque Isle Region: Castle Hill, Chapman, Mapleton, Perham, Presque Isle, Wade, Washburn - Click Here to view brochure.

  • Sherman Region: Benedicta, Sherman, Silver Ridge, Stacyville -
    Click Here
    to view brochure.

  • Southern Aroostook Region: Bridgewater, Cary Plantation, Cox Patent, Hodgon, Houlton, Linneus, Ludlow, Monticello, Oakfield

  • TCL-Tri-Community Recycling and Sanitary Landfill: Caribou, Fort Fairfield, Limestone, Allagash, Blaine, Caswell, Connor, Cyr Plt., Easton, Grand Isle, Guerette, Hamlin, Nashville Plt., New Sweden, Portage, Sinclair, Stockholm, Westfield, Westmanland, Woodland - Click Here to view brochure.

  • Upper St John Valley: St Francis, St John

Individual Services:

  • Bancroft
  • Danforth
  • Grand Isle - Click Here to view brochure.
  • Haynesville
  • Littleton - Click Here to view brochure.
  • Macwahoc Plantation
  • Mars Hill
  • Monticello - Click Here to view brochure.
  • Oakfield - Click Here to view brochure.
  • Orient
  • Portage Lake - Click Here to view brochure.
  • Van Buren - Click Here to view brochure.
  • Weston



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