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Route One Corridor Management Plan

NMDC, working with the Cities of Caribou and Presque isle and the Maine Department of Transportation, began a  planning effort that will result in recommendations, which, if implemented, will yield over time, at a minimum, a two lane limited access highway comparable to Route 1 just north of the Caribou Motor Inn. 

The plan will recommend steps to acquire sufficient right-of-way to protect the option of ultimately transitioning to a four lane, divided highway comparable to an urban interstate design standard.  Based on local discussions, it is anticipated that right-of-way will be secured over time only on a willing buyer/ willing seller basis.


Phase I

  1. Review the Route 1 Corridor Management Plan, Caribou to Presque Isle Draft document to assess what if any inventory information is missing or is in need of updating to complete the preparation of a CMP acceptable to the two cities.  Update and complete inventory.
  2. Set forth a policy to identify and prioritize for acquisition the right-of-way needed to satisfy both short and long term objectives as noted in the project definition.  That policy should acknowledge that acquisitions will be sought primarily on a willing buyer willing seller basis.  The policy should also address the treatment of public utilities.
  3. Identify locations where a shift to a new Route 1 alignment is to be recommended to accommodate existing, more densely settled and developed areas and/or areas to be designated by the communities for future growth.  These areas shall not allow development on the new alignment but shall allow access to adjacent development via grade separated interchanges.
  4. Identify locations where the construction of parallel service roads offers the best means to accommodate existing land uses and indicate how these uses will be able to access the three or four grade separated interchanges ultimately envisioned (e.g. Rte. 1/164 Caribou, Rte. 1 in the vicinity of the Caribou/Presque Isle Boundary and Mic Mac site and Rte. 1/210/164 in Presque Isle).
  5. Examine and address opportunities to optimize the utility of Presque Isle Road/McBurnie Road and Siding Road/Reach Road/Rte. 210 as parallel service roads to offset loss of access to Route 1 including consideration of redesignating the classifications and jurisdiction of these roads.
  6. Examine and address opportunities to relocate homes and businesses on a willing seller basis to more appropriate locations that enhance the designated growth areas of the communities.  An example might be relocating a business to a downtown or business park location that offers better business development and marketing opportunities.  A business and residential relocation assistance program will be designed.
  7. Set forth all necessary changes in land use plans and ordinances to guide development in ways that do not create further access management obstacles and actually complement stated access management plans and objectives.  Caribou and Presque Isle will work to realize common standards and policies along the corridor to the maximum extent possible.
  8. Consider the implementation of interim steps that reduce or eliminate traffic friction points including such features as acceleration and deceleration lanes, relocating driveways to adjacent roads and consolidation of driveways.
  9. Give due consideration to the future accommodation of pedestrians, recreational vehicles, farming and forestry operations and the movement of wildlife.
  10. Identify the financial means for implementation of the CMP laying out anticipated revenue sources, the use to which funds will be applied and the timing of expenditures.
  11. Test the appropriateness of creating a non-profit land trust or alternative organization as a means to expedite the acquisition of right-of-way and access rights along the corridor.
  12.  Assist MaineDOT and the Cities of Caribou and Presque Isle with public information and public participation to maximize awareness and acceptance of the final Corridor Management Plan.

Phase II

  1. Assist the Cities as requested with the implementation of recommended land use plans and ordinances.
  2. Implement the financing and organizational recommendations to enable the acquisition of right-of-way and access rights.
  3. Acquire right-of-way and access rights pursuant to the terms of the CMP and on a willing seller basis.
  4. Convey to Maine DOT proposals to commence the design and construction of any recommended new alignment of Route 1, grade separated interchanges, new service roads, driveway relocations and upgrades of existing parallel roads.
  5. Implement business and residential relocation assistance programs.
  6. Create the access management land trust if deemed appropriate.


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