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Maine’s Legislature established a goal of recycling 50 percent of the state's municipal solid waste (MSW) by 2003. MSW is waste typicallygenerated by households, business, and schools and may be managed by municipalities, which means that your tax dollars are paying for their disposal. The more you recycle, the less it costs your town in disposal fees. NMDC Recycles

As a resident of northern Maine, there are many different things that we can recycle. For example, corrugated cardboard, newspapers, office paper, mixed paper, food wastes, plastics, glass metals, and textiles can be recycled at most transfer stations and landfills. Also, we can recycle tires, appliances, furniture, wood wastes, yard waste, and construction/demolition debris.

Even with Maine’s impressive 37.3 percent recycling rate, the state will run out of room for its trash by 2011, according to a recent Maine State Planning Office analysis. Maine’s recycling rate is among the highest in the nation, and the state has become a national model for both environmental sensitivity and economic sensibility.

Northern Maine Development Commission has services available to help home owners, businesses, and schools reduce, reuse, and recycle solid waste and help our communities save money.

Northern Maine Development Commission (NMDC) has an environmental planner on staff with a goal of supporting northern Maine communities in dealing with solid waste issues.  NMDC’s goal is to initiate community driven, regional based projects in northern Maine. NMDC hopes  to connect ideas, partners and findings to create measurable and lasting results on a regional level.

In an effort to hear from the public on important solid waste issues, NMDC has developed an easy online survey to help us focus our work on what is important to you. The survey will only take few minutes to fill out and we have tried to ask questions that are relevant and important. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey and tell us what you think about solid waste issues in the County. Your opinion counts and your responses are confidential. 
Click Here to complete the survey.

We hope you find the information in this site useful and welcome any comments or suggestions for additions to this site. We will be updating our site regularly so please visit often.

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