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NMDC continues to have a strong working relationship with the Maine Department of Transportation.  Continuing efforts from past projects include:

  • Assisting with the development of a state model Multi-Modal Corridor Management Planning manual that outlines all of the essential elements needed to complete a corridor management plan.  This is now used as the State’s guidelines.
  • Assisting municipalities with their project requests to MaineDOT.  Staff made a strong effort to contact every municipality in our Service Area and urged them to submit projects.
  • Seeking the creation of a northern Maine Road Salt distribution terminal to be served by the region’s rail provider.
  • Began the development of a multi-modal corridor management for the Route 163 between Easton and Ashland.  This corridor was ranked as the region’s second highest priority corridor and was chosen because of the many land use, transportation, and economic development issues along the corridor.
  • Began working with the City of Presque Isle on a Pedestrian and Bicycle deficiency study that identifies problems and solutions related to bicycle and pedestrian movement between the established, dense residential neighborhoods adjacent to the downtown and multi-use trails along the Aroostook River and identify connections between residential neighborhoods and the retail area that are in need of a new pedestrian or bicycle improvements.


2015 Aroostook County Transportation Survey Results
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Maine Department of Transportation

Federal Highway Administration

Aroostook County Transportation Study

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