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No later than July 20, 2006, municipalities must ensure that waste televisions and computer monitors generated by households in Maine are recycled. Universal Waste

The Department of Environmental Protection has adopted rules to regulate the following examples of universal, or hazardous, wastes.

  • Batteries - Ni-Cd, lithium, metal hydride, and small sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries such as those found in cellular phones, laptop computers, rechargeable power drills, and other portable electronic products. Not alkaline batteries or car batteries.
  • Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT’s) - A video display unit such as computer monitors and televisions.
  • Lamps - A bulb or tube portion of an electric lighting device. Fluorescent lamps, high intensity discharge lamps, neon lamps, mercury vapor lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, and metal halide lamps.
  • Mercury Thermostats - Temperature control device that contains metallic mercury.
  • Totally Enclosed PCB Ballast - A device that electronically controls light fixtures and includes a capacitor.
  • Mercury Thermometers - Manufactured item that has mercury added.
  • Mercury Devices - Mercury switches, sphygmomanometers, and manometers. Does not include motor vehicle switches.
  • Motor Vehicle Mercury Switches - Light switches used to turn light bulbs or lamps on and off. Also found in anti-lock brakes.

The universal waste rules created standards tailored for the management of these hazardous wastes and also ensured that their hazardous constituents are captured and recycled or reused where feasible. For more information on where to recycle universal waste in your community contact your local transfer station or town office or local programs section of our website.

Questions regarding Maine's e-waste law, please contact Maine Department of Environment staff
Carole Cifrino @ 207-287-2651
e-mail: Carole.A.Cifrino@Maine.Gov



For more information email
Connie Bondeson or call 498-8736 or toll free in Maine

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