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The US Census Bureau has released the 2010 data on its website using the tool American FactFinder. This tool allows you to do unique searches on data which relates to your specific need. Visit the Census website for all your data needs.

Aroostook County & Maine Quick Facts

      Aroostook Maine
  Land Area (square miles)   6,671.54 30,861.55
  Population (2010)   71,870 1,277,483
  Housing Units (2010)   39,529 691,132
  Civilian Labor Force (2008 Year End Avg.)   35,699 709,769
  Unemployment Rate (2008 Year End Avg.)   7.1% 5.8%
  Poverty Rate (2009)   16.3% 12.4%

Per Capita Income (2008)

  $28,420 $35,028
  Median Household Income (2009)   $35,654 $46,428
  Median Age (2009)   44 42
  Education: % High School Graduate
Age 25+ (2010)
  83.9% 89.8%
  Education: % Bachelors Degree or Hgher
Age 25+ (2010)
  16.4% 26.4%
Source: Maine Department of Labor, Labor Market Information Services, Population Division U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Visit the sites below for searchable statistical information.

Maine State Planning Office

The Maine State Planning Office has compiled an abundance of town level economic and demographic information including population, age, housing, per capita income, family & household income, poverty, municipal valuation, sales, school enrollment, labor force, employment and much more. Please visit their website to find the most current statistics.

Maine Department of Labor

The Maine Department of Labor keeps current and historical statistics on industry, labor force, income, employers, education and much more. You can select a category and choose to obtain stats on Maine, County, Town or Labor Market Area for a certain month, year, or range of years.

Center for Workforce & Research Information

The Local Employment Dynamics (LED) Program is an innovative new state/federal partnership with U.S. Census Bureau and the Maine Department of Labor to provide new demographic employment information, Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI). Local decision makers - employers, workers, transportation agencies, education and training institutions, and economic development agencies - increasingly need detailed local information about their economies to make informed decisions, but are frustrated by the lack of timely local data. The LED partnership works to fill critical data gaps and provide the type of workplace indicators needed by state and local authorities. Just as national economic indicators measure the performance of the overall economy, the QWI measure the performance of the local economy.

US Census Bureau

The Census Bureau provides official census statistics every ten years in addition to annual estimates and projections. Town specific data and area profiles for communities, the County and State are available by year. You can also access historical census information for 1990 and 1980.


Censtats is part of the US Census Bureau and allows you to choose a state and search for a specific city or town. The result are demographic profiles which include demographics, social characteristics, economic characteristics and housing characteristics for Census 2000.

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