Open Forum For Planners, Maine Eclipse

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Eclipse Planner & Stakeholder Update – all invited.

10:30 am Monday, February 5th via Zoom. Open forum format.

Zoom Link:

7 Things a business can do to accommodate the eclipse.

  1. A GAS STATION may consider filling their tanks in advance.
  2. A TOW TRUCK COMPANY may have extra staff on call.
  3. A RESTAURANT may consider a buffet line or to-go grab bags, open on a Monday when it is typically closed, and make a larger food order for the week.
  4. A CIVIC ORGANIZATION may consider organizing a ticketed event fundraiser or community dinner.
  5. A RETAILER may consider unique merchandise or adding additional staff to reduce long lines.
  6. A HOTEL may consider parking lot signage to deter illegal parking, a rate increase, or mandate a minimum stay.
  7. A FOOD TRUCK may consider opening and setting up earlier in a month they typically don’t operate and place their food order well in advance.

The event is marketed April 5-8. Star Parks are designated viewing areas with safe parking, trash receptacles, and restrooms. The hashtag is #MaineEclipse #VisitAroostook