NMDC Staff


photo of bob clark

Robert Clark

Executive Director

(207) 493-5762 Email
photo of judy dinsmore

Judy Dinsmore

Office Manager

(207) 493-5752 Email

Shawn Manter

Finance Director

(207) 498-5029 Email

Athens Sanchez

Finance Operations Representative

(207) 493-5778 Email

Planning and Economic Development Division

photo of jay kamm

Jay Kamm

Senior Planner

(207) 493-5757 Email
Picture of Jon Gulliver

Jon Gulliver

Director of Economic and Community Development

(207) 493-5851 Email
photo of dana delano

Dana Delano


(207) 521-1713 Email

Brandon McDonald

Economic Recovery Hub Coordinator

(207) 493-5770 Email

Jacob Pelkey

Entrepreneur Program Manager/Tourism Developer

(207) 551-6227 Email

Jared Tapley

Broadband Navigator

(207) 694-2449 Email

Kristen Henry

Project Manager/Community Development Specialist

(207) 496-2515 Email

Business Finance Division

photo of dave spooner

David Spooner

Loan Officer/Business Development Director

(207) 493-5766 Email
photo of josh nadeau

Josh Nadeau

Commercial Loan Officer

(207) 493-5765 Email

Craig Lincoln

Compliance and Risk Manager

(207) 498-5027 Email

Paul Terrill

Washington County Commercial Loan Officer

(207) 496-7895 Email

Dan Umphrey

Small Business Development Center

(207) 493-5767 Email

Neal Haines

Business Advisor

(207) 493-5759 Email

Chase Nelson

Washington County Business Advisor

(207) 492-9080 Email

Heather Mladek

Business Finance Representative